A First Look at NextGEOSS CKAN-based Hub for Earth Observations 11. September 2017!

In the FREE & LIVE webinar "A First Look at NextGEOSS CKAN-based data hub for Earth Observations" on 11th September 13:00 CEST, you'll learn about the latest solutions for data hubs using CKAN as your tool. Wolfgang Ksoll from CKAN developer Viderum will take you through the beginning of a state-of-the-art Earth observation data hub. 

The NextGEOSS User Feedback Week - The Case of Disaster Risk Reduction contains a series of Free LIVE webinars, workshops, podcasts and more. We are addressing how we can optimize user feedback mechanisms in the next generation Earth observations data hub. We use the case of Disaster Risk Reduction as a demonstrator. You have an unique opportunity this week to learn from leading experts both about Disaster Risk Reduction, the use and importance of Earth observations, and how you can both benefit from and contribute to user feedback systems. 

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NextGEOSS User Feedback Week 2017

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